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Rimondeto's Demon

The legend of Rimondeto's Demon and the ghost that haunts la Rocca di Vernio.

 This legend is 1012 years old. The protagonist is Vitale da Rimochi, also known as il Demonio di Rimondeto (Rimondeto’s demon).

Vitale da Rimochi

He was called in this way because of the things he did during his life, like how he treated his father, from whom he stole everything he owned and burned down his house. Not fully satisfied, he also killed his girlfriend after she left him because she was terrified by him.

After doing such things, he went to Rome where he started working for Antipope Bonifacio VII: for him he committed many crimes like killing Pope Giovanni XIV. After Bonifacio’s death, Vitale decided to go back to Vernio, where he was born. Everybody there was scared by him and that’s why they started calling him Rimondeto’s Demon. He didn’t mind that name, actually he liked it.

While he was walking down the streets of the little village, Rimondeto’s Demon heard what two people were saying: they were talking about the fact that Gertrude, a young woman who was going to marry a young boy named Rainaldo, had been kidnapped by Count Valfredo degli Alberti.

The Count, did not only kidnap Gertrude, he also locked up Rainaldo in a inn and told two guards to watch him constantly while the Count spent time with his girlfriend.

Vitale wanted to help them so he went to the inn where the young man was locked up. As soon as he arrived, he asked to see Rainaldo and as the two guards were sleepy he opened the window and threw them into the water of the Bisenzio river, where the two drowned. Rainaldo was finally free and Vitale told him to start preparing the wedding. Meanwhile, Vitale went to the Castle of Vernio to meet with the Count, but he didn’t manage to do this because the Count did not want to see anyone.

However, he was Rimondeto’s Demon and did not give up. With a rope he managed to get into the Rocca; as soon as he entered he met a guard who was scared to death by him and agreed to take him where the Count was.

He told the Count to give the girl back to her parents in two hours or he would have hanged him.

The Count started to call his guards but Vitale had already disappeared. They started looking for him in every room but they couldn’t find him and assumed that he was dead.

After ten minutes, the Count decided to leave with Gertrude.

The day after, the guards were wondering why the Count had not returned home, that’s when they discovered his naked body hanging in a room of the castle with Vitale’s clothes near his feet.
Vitale had escaped with Geltrude wearing Count’s clothes after killing him.

Geltrude and Rainaldo got married the day after and they decided to leave and go far away.

Rimondeto’s Demon had kept his promise.

From that day on, the ghost of Count Valfredo degli Alberti haunts the Rocca di Vernio.

Recently a docu-film about this legend was made.

The director is Angelo Marotta.

Here you can watch the trailer:

By Niccolò Calvani and Rebecca Guidotti

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