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Il Beato Pietro

Two legends of Vernio

In the XI century, a man called Beato Pietro lived in an isolated area of Vernio. In 1095 he founded a monastery with some other monks in the area of Montepiano. While Count Bardi was hunting a hare, it hid itself under Beato Pietro’s cassock. The Count arrived shortly after and he asked Pietro if he had seen the animal; he couldn’t believe what Pietro answered and he said that it would’ve been easier for a tree to get on the back of his horse than for a hare to hide between Pietro’s feet. When he was done talking, the tree got on the back of his horse.


Another miracle happened when Beato Pietro turned the water of a font into wine.  

On this site you can find a picture of the fresco that can be found in Badia di S. Maria in Vernio and shows a representation of the first miracle.

Article written by Niccolò Calvani and Rebecca Guidotti

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